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Le Château De La Motte – Grounds

The Château and its gîtes stand within 10 acres of walled parkland, including 2.5 acres of lakes.

On the largest lake we keep a small flock of ducks, they are wonderful creatures and enjoy the safety of their own island, where they are housed in their own little château! The lake is a peaceful place, peopled by carp and white-clawed crayfish, with willow and alder lining the banks, where you are free to cast off from the jetty in one of our little row boats, fish for carp, or relax in a hammock in the dappled sunshine, where the light dances daintily as it bounces off the water. Bliss!

Our other lake sits in secluded beauty between the ancient stone wall and a bank of tall beech trees. It is a stone-lined swimming lake, fed directly from a natural spring – one of seven sources of water belonging to La Motte.

La Motte itself rises from the ground in the centre of the land, a tree-covered reminder of the fact that this place has been inhabited in some way for a good two thousand years.

We have hundreds of beautiful trees of many varieties: from tall stately lime, towering spruce and pine, oak, yew, hawthorn and more! – even a magical circle of poplar, enchanted by the slightest breeze. There are countless fruit trees: apple, pear, fig, plum; and a whole host of walnut and hazel. Wildflowers carpet the woods.

The lawns are extensive and make a wonderful setting for play-times and picnics. A pretty old dovecote perches on its stilts amid the daisy-studded grass.

There are small formal gardens attached to the Château, filled with lavender and rose, centred around a granite fountain, with lovely stone benches tucked into living nooks or nestled next to the espalier. The air is filled with birdsong, and on occasion, the overlapping church bells of a dozen little villages.

And that’s all without leaving the grounds!